Computer Skills Made Simple

Computer skills are not a luxury but a necessity. There are three guarantees in life, Death, Taxes, and Computers. Get 1:1 computer training via Zoom, in your office, or at home.


What You'll Learn

🔥 The do's and don’ts when operating your computing system.
🔥 The basic programs you need for the type of work you intend to do.
🔥 The function of the toolbars on your computer.
🔥 How to properly insert a thumb drive and a CD into your computer.
🔥 How to set up a document you want to type—set margins and tabs for paragraph indention, and the line spacing you want between each line.
🔥 How to number the pages on your document.
🔥 How to center/justify your documents.
🔥 How to bold, italicize, or underline a word or phrase in your text.
🔥 How to choose the font (type and size.)
🔥 How to choose the letter style type.
🔥 How to delete and add information when typing.
🔥 How to move information from one place in a document and place it in another place in the document—(cut and paste).
🔥 How to adjust your typed material on the page—page break, etc.
🔥 How to spell-check your documents.
🔥 How to save what you are typing as you are typing.
🔥 How to give the file you are typing a name.
🔥 How to create a folder for files.
🔥 How to save what you have typed to your desktop, documents, or CD.
🔥 How to do a virus scan on a thumb drive or CD before opening it on your computer.
🔥 How to transfer a file from a thumb drive or a CD onto your desktop or into your documents.
🔥 How to change a file name.
🔥 How to delete a file.
🔥 How to empty the recycle bin, where all the deleted files are stored—deleted files are still on the hard drive and occupying space.
🔥 How to determine the space available on your hard drive.
🔥 How to find all programs on your computer.
🔥 How to find a file on your computer.
🔥 How to find a word, phrase, page number, etc. in a document.
🔥 How to find a word, name, or phrase in your document and replace it with another word, name, or phrase in every place it’s found in your document.

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Fees are based on skills needed, level of beginning knowledge, and hours required to accomplish your goals.

"After practicing law for 35 years, the shift to online legal document filing was intimidating. My Tech Academy's A La Carte Training Class, specifically the Basic Computer Made Simple course, saved my career by providing a checklist-style menu of essential skills. Thanks to this training, I continue to practice law with confidence and competence."

- James Hinds, ESQ

"Rosie Milligan empowered me to conquer my tech fears through one-on-one training at My Tech Academy. As a high school teacher with a Master's in education, I was initially hesitant about basic computer skills. Thanks to Dr. Rosie's guidance, I now embrace technology with confidence and enthusiasm.”

- Ann Scott

Computer Skills Made Simple

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