How to Master the Internet Made Simple

Face-to-face meetings, snail mail, and faxing have been replaced with email. Empower yourself with the skills you need to communicate for personal and business use with the fundamentals of the internet and email.


What You'll Learn

🔥 How to sign onto the internet.
🔥 How to open your mail.
🔥 How to respond to your mail (answer your mail).
🔥 How to spell-check your outgoing mail before sending it.
🔥 How to write and send email to someone via email.
🔥 How to forward mail you received to someone else.
🔥 How to unsend an email.
🔥 How to download and save a file attached to your email to your desktop or documents.
🔥 How to email an attachment(s) from your desktop, documents, and thumb drive.
🔥 How to save your received email.
🔥 How to delete your email.
🔥 How to retrieve deleted email.
🔥 How to find mail that you have sent to someone.
🔥 How to place text from your desktop, documents, and thumb drive, into the body of your email.
🔥 How to set up your email address book
🔥 What email you should never respond to.
🔥 How to find information on the World Wide Web.
🔥 How to market via the Internet
🔥 Why an email database is important.

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"Amidst COVID-19, I struggled with online applications and document uploads. Dr. Rosie Milligan's staff at My Tech Academy came to my rescue with an A La Carte Menu of skills, particularly the Internet Learning Made Simple class. Thanks to them, I now feel empowered to navigate the tech world confidently."

- Linda Towns, Transportation Assistant

How to Master the Internet Made Simple

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