Wake Up To No More Business As Usual

business readiness Sep 18, 2023

by Dr. Rosie Milligan, Founder of My Tech Academy

COVID-19 and AI (Artificial Intelligence) have transformed the way we conduct
business, both for the present and the foreseeable future. I recall a time when
people looked down on those running home-based businesses. Today, operating
your business and your corporation's affairs from home is not only trendy but also
esteemed and profitable.

Corporations have recognized that having employees work remotely from home
can save on rental expenses, reduce staff numbers, boost productivity, and
consequently, increase profits. For employees engaged in corporate activities from
their homes, it opens doors to potentially becoming independent contractors in the
future rather than remaining employees. This is a win-win situation for employers
as it reduces their tax liabilities.

In today's landscape, more people are being thrust into the business world by
necessity rather than by choice. There are those who set out with a deliberate
intention to start a business (making it their goal and dream), and then there are
those who find themselves in business unintentionally due to job layoffs, company
relocations, or closures, leaving them no option but to embark on an
entrepreneurial journey. These individuals are now thrust into the business world
unprepared, lacking formal business education and prior business experience. They
often gather resources from every available source, including credit cards, to
launch their new ventures, with no mentor or business coach, making them
vulnerable to potential pitfalls.

Failing in business is not an option in today's world. In the past, individuals could
say, I'll close my business and return to a job. However, the reality today is that
there are fewer job opportunities to fall back on, with AI and robots increasingly
filling positions in the workplace. It's time to acknowledge the new reality of the
workforce and chart a course for securing economic stability for yourself and your

For startups, it is crucial to begin their business journey with the guidance of a
business coach. Likewise, established businesses struggling with financial stability
can benefit greatly from the expertise of a business coach. In my over fifty years of
business experience, I've found that many businesses lack essential business
readiness documents, causing them to miss out on significant financial
opportunities such as PPP loans.

I am the founder of My Tech Academy, and our mission is to empower businesses
with the technological skills necessary to thrive in a challenging economic
environment. We educate entrepreneurs on how to embrace and leverage AI to
enhance their businesses.

If you're ready to take your business to the next level, check out our Business Readiness membership today!

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