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My Tech Academy provides high-quality technology and business courses for corporations, startups, and nonprofits. We offer live instruction, personalized coaching, and on-demand content.

Our Team

Dr. Rosie Milligan


Dr. Rosie Milligan, a leading figure in business and finance, is the CEO of Professional Business Management & Consulting Services and Founder of My Tech Academy in Los Angeles. With a Ph.D. in Business Administration and vast experience as a Senior Estate Planner, Business Coach, and Business Consultant, she's a nationally recognized expert. Dr. Milligan is also the owner of the largest African-American publishing house, with 26 authored books and 450 books published for others. She hosts a talk show to amplify her influence.

Tiffany J. Garrard

 AI Strategist

Tiffany Garrard is a South Central LA native with passion for empowering businesses through smart technology. With certifications in Training and Development, Grant Administration, and Contract Writing. Tiffany G is more than just an A.I. consultant, she’s your strategic partner in success. Through Ai-Mazing Business Solutions, she specializes in guiding non-profit organizations and small businesses on how to leverage A.I. to streamline operations and achieve their goals. When you work with Tiffany G you’re not just adopting new technology, “You're unlocking a new realm of possibilities for your business”.

Sammy Monistere

                                     Marketing Strategist

Sammy is a startup marketing strategist with a track record spanning various industries. An entrepreneur at heart, Sammy has founded multiple startups and possesses a hands-on understanding of the challenges and triumphs in the business world. Armed with an accounting and finance education, Sammy brings a rare blend of data-driven marketing expertise, bridging the gap between numbers and strategy. This expertise has been instrumental in scaling up to 8 figure businesses.

Anna Tutt

                               Social Media Strategist

Anna "Queen" is a dynamic CEO leading Queen Tutt Enterprises Inc., specializing in Real Estate, Commercial Lending, and Tax Services. With over a decade of experience, Anna is a trailblazer in the business world. Anna is a seasoned public speaker; she captivates audiences with dynamic presentations. As a tax expert, she provides meticulous services for diverse businesses. Anna's commitment to education is evident through workshops on Real Estate, Estate Planning, and financial literacy classes. Her proficiency in social media and technology extends to teaching impactful classes.

Dr. Andrea Anthony

 Business Strategist

Dr. Andrea A. Anthony is a dedicated lifelong learner and technology and business trainer. She has served in various educational roles, including as the Founding Principal of a charter school in Los Angeles County and as a Principal in the Inglewood Unified School District. Dr. Anthony has extensive experience in teaching, instructional coaching, mentoring, and administrative responsibilities within the Los Angeles County educational system. In addition, she is the President of the Los Angeles Alliance of Black School Educators, demonstrating her commitment to diversity and advocacy in education.