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My Tech Academy provides high-quality technology and business courses for corporations, startups, and nonprofits. We offer live instruction, 1:1 coaching, and on-demand content.


Jacquelyn Smith

With over 23 years of experience, Jacquelyn has dedicated her life to empowering students and leveling the playing field in STEM education. She has served as a Co-Founder & Lead Instructor of My Tech Academy, President & CEO of Girls Pursuing Science, and Executive Director & Co-Founder of Kids In Technology, Inc.

Her award-winning STEM curriculum serves as a testament to her passion for empowering the next generation. As a certified Robotics Instructor from Carnegie Mellon University with a B.S. in Business Administration, Jacquelyn’s impressive journey is a testament to her unyielding passion and dedication.

Dr. Rosie Milligan aka The Business Doctor

Dr. Rosie Milligan is a prominent figure in the business and financial world, known for her multifaceted roles and exceptional expertise. As the CEO of Professional Business Management & Consulting Services and the Founder of My Tech Academy, she has established herself as one of Los Angeles's renowned financial gurus. Her extensive background includes being a seasoned Senior Estate Planner, Business Coach, Business Consultant, and holder of a Ph.D. in Business

Dr. Milligan's reputation extends nationwide, with individuals and organizations seeking her out for top-tier business and financial coaching services. With over 26 authored books under her belt, and having published 450 books for other authors, she owns the largest and most prominent African-American publishing house in the nation. In addition, she hosts a talk show that further solidifies her influence and reach.

Dr. Milligan's approach revolves around imparting expert guidance to bid farewell to mediocrity. Leveraging her impressive educational achievements, a wealth of business experiences, and years spent consulting non-profit organizations, startups, and established businesses; she offers membership packages that incorporate her personalized coaching methods and proven, effective business strategies. This combination has consistently produced tangible results, ensuring a pathway to a thriving business. Want to learn more about Dr. Rosie? Visit her websitehttps://drrosie.com/ 

Why My Tech Academy?


Technology is a necessary part of modern life and isn’t going away. If you are interested in tech, you can run your own successful business in this competitive space, and we will show you how!