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AI Tools for Business


Learn how to use AI tools to create websites, logos, branding, graphics, voice-overs, video scripts
and more! Take your business and career to the next level with this one-on-one coaching bootcamp. Enjoy 6 personalized sessions where you'll discover the latest AI tools transforming the business world. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, this event is perfect for anyone interested in leveraging artificial intelligence to drive success. Learn from industry experts, participate in engaging discussions, and gain valuable insights into how AI can revolutionize your business strategies. Don't miss out on this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and unlock the full potential of AI in your business!

  • Examples of how businesses are currently using AI tools.
  • The benefits of using AI in your business.
  • Guidelines: Do’s and don’ts when using AI.
  • Properly prompt for the best response for your business request.
  • Various AI tools used for business and their functions.
  • How to gain access to AI tools that is tailored for your business needs such as:
    a. Graphics
    b. Photo enhancers
    c. Voice-overs
  • Use AI tools to Create Websites
  • Create Logos and Branding using AI
  • Create Prompts for:
    1. Commercials
    2. Video Script
    3. Press Release
    4. Executive Summaries
    5. Operating Agreements
    6. How to automate your business.
    7. How to develop your logo
    8. How to develop your website
    9. How to develop your brochure
    10. How to develop a sale funnel.

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