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Computer Basics Coaching

With our custom one-on-one coaching program, you're in the driver's seat! Choose exactly what you want to focus your coaching sessions on and we'll answer all your questions!

  • How to set up a document set margins and tabs for paragraph indention, and the line spacing you want between each line.

  • How to number the pages on your document.

  • How to center/justify your documents.

  • How to bold, italicize or underline a word or phrase in your text.

  • How to choose the font (type and size.)

  • How to choose the letter style type.

  • How to cut and paste information in a document.

  • How to do a page break, etc.

  • How to spell check your documents.

  • How to save what you are typing.

  • How to give the file you are typing a name.

  • How to create a folder for files.

  • How to send a file to other destinations.

  • How to transfer a file from a Thumb Drive into your My Documents.

  • How to change a file name.

  • How to delete a file.

  • How to empty the Recycle Bin.

  • How to find a file on your computer.

  • How to find a word, phrase,. in a document.

  • How to find a word, name, or phrase in your document and replace it with another word, name, or phrase in every place it’s found in your document.

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